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20 Years of
Sterile Compounding Experience

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image 10587 W Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Pharmacy Counter and Retail

image Tel:   310-475-3541
Fax:  310-474-3323

Compounding Prescription

image Tel:   310-475-3040
Fax:  310-441-3040
Auto Refills

In order to simplify your long-term medication management, you can request that one or more of your medications be automatically refilled before it is due. Enrolling in auto-refill will save you time and will guarantee that your medication is ready when you need it. There is no cost to you and if you don’t pick up your medication within 14 days it will be returned to stock.

In order to enroll your medication(s) in the auto-fill program, simply fill out the following form and submit to our system.

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