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20 Years of
Sterile Compounding Experience

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Physicians frequently rely on us to prepare sterile products intended for ophthalmic use when suitable preparations are not commercially available. We prepare products that may be administered as topical solutions, suspensions, ointments, or as intravitreal injections for in-office procedures.

Preservative-Free Ophthalmics

We can compound sterile ophthalmic drops, ointments, injections and pre-/post-op solutions, including anesthetics, antibiotics, antioxidants, antivirals, cataract therapies, corticosteroids, ophthalmic decongestants, miotics, mydriatics, immunomodulators, and lubricants.

Preparations can contain a single drug or a combination in the most appropriate strength
and concentration for a specific use, such as fortified antibiotic or pre-op drops. Examples of preservative-free preparations include drops or sprays containing the following medications, alone or in combination:

    • Dexamethasone PF
    • Prednisolone PF
    • EDTA
    • Pilocarpine
    • Tetracaine (comfort drops)
    • Tropicamide
    • Cromolyn


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