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20 Years of
Sterile Compounding Experience

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Compounding Prescription

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Pain Management

Rancho Park Compounding Pharmacy specializes in compounding customized preparations for pain management to meet each individual’s specific needs. We provide alternate methods of medication delivery such as:

  • Oral pain medications that contain lower strengths of acetaminophen to decrease the the impact on the liver.
  • Topical creams or gels which contain one or a combination of anti-inflammatory, topical anesthetics, and/or anti-neuropathic medications
  • Topical anesthetic sprays that can be easily applied locally to the site of pain

Some examples of our commonly prepared medications include:

  • Osteoarthritis topical pain creams or gels
  • Fibromyalgia topical preparations
  • Migraine preparations
  • Neuropathic pain preparations
  • Restless Leg Syndrome preparations

Topical Anesthetics for Dental Procedures

We also compound topical anesthetic preparations for use in dental offices. Most dentists ask us to combine two or three anesthetics such as Lidocaine, Prilocaine, and Tetracaine in a strawberry or mint flavor gel, with an added coloring for easier application and utilization. Please contact our pharmacy for more information.

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