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Compounding medications is not just for people, pet owners are often faced with unique problems when trying to medicate their animals. Animals usually need the same drugs people do, but in smaller doses. Rancho Park Compounding Pharmacy can convert a medication into a different dosage form for an animal. We prepare medications in easy-to-give flavored dosages that take the bitterness out of oral medications and make animal compliance easier. Fish flavored suspensions for cats and chicken or beef flavored suspensions for dogs often aid the administration process.

In every veterinary practice, there are some pets that do not respond to traditional therapy or are unable to take commercially available medication because of their unique needs. Compounding allows a veterinarian to prescribe and a pharmacist to prepare a customized medication that is not available commercially, or to place an available medication in a different dosage form to meet a specific pets needs and improve compliance.

Here are just a few reasons why your veterinarian may prescribe a compounded medication for your pet:

Human drug needed at a lower dose for your pet -
Animals usually need the same drugs people do, but in smaller doses. We can convert a 500 mg, human dose, into a 10 mg animal dose. Rancho Park Compounding Pharmacy can also convert a medication into a different dosage form for the animal. Some different dosage forms are: capsules, flavored liquids, or transdermal gels.

Medication is too bitter to administer without flavoring -
Have you ever tried giving your animal a medication and he just will not take it, or have you placed a capsule in your dog’s food and the dog ate everything except the capsule. By flavoring the medication, animals no longer associate the medication as a foreign object, but food. We prepare medications in easy-to-give flavored dosage forms that animals devour. Rancho Park Compounding Pharmacy has access to over 100 flavors just dedicated to animals. Whether it be our very own Triple-Fish paste for cats, or liver, beef, chicken, lobster, clam, peanut butter for dogs, grape flavored drops for exotic birds, banana custards for exotics- you name it, we have it. By flavoring your pet’s medication, your animal’s drug can turn into a treat.

Pet can only take liquid medications (through a tube) -
Caring for a sick pet can be a tremendous challenge. Often times sick pets will require to have a Naso-gastric or Naso-esophageal tube for feeding and medicating purposes. This can mean that you are probably only limited to liquid diet and liquid medications. Rancho Park Compounding Pharmacy can turn any tablet or capsule your pet needs into a liquid solution for easy administration through a tube.

Reducing the size of the capsule or tablet for easier administration -
Just like with humans, manufactured animal medications may come in only one tablet size or in the wrong type of dosage form. Compounding allows Rancho Park Compounding Pharmacy to make the medication in the right size for your animal. By doing this, it can reduce the cost of animal care and make it easier for the animal to take the medication.

Combining two or more medications into one dosage form -
Animals, like people, often need more than one medication. Combining two or three drugs into one dose makes administration of the medication easier and the animal happier. Also by combining two or more drugs or ingredients made by different manufacturers into one dose, it is more cost effective for the owner.

Pet requires a sterile eye drop preparation that is unavailable -
Veterinarians often have the need for special eye drops – especially in dogs and cats. These drops may contain several different medications and are used for a variety of problems, including allergies and infections. Eye drops are often not produced or manufactured commercially, and human eye drops do not work. Therefore, the only solution is compounding. Rancho Park Compounding Pharmacy can compound eye drops to contain exactly the concentration of medicines needed for various animals.

Sometimes, veterinarians have to prescribe the same medications that are given to people. Here at Rancho Park Compounding Pharmacy we can assist you and the veterinarian in developing dosage strengths that are palatable for your pet and which conform to the specific needs of your pet.

If you need medications, ointments or injectables for other large animals, we can compound those as well, including the smallest of dosages needed for the smallest of animals.

We are here to help you with all your veterinary compounding needs. If you need any further information, please contact us at:

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